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Endodontic (root canal) therapy saves teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. When the nerve (pulp) of the tooth becomes damaged due to decay, trauma or a crack in the tooth, endodontic treatment is necessary. This treatment involves the cleansing, shaping and filling of the space where the nerve resides. Surgical procedures are also performed for teeth which require further treatment beyond the traditional root canal therapy. With some surgical procedures, a biopsy may be necessary for which there is a separate fee charged by the pathology lab. Bleaching procedures are also available for teeth which have darkened due to a damaged nerve.

Your First Visit

Your initial visit with us will include your medical and dental history, a review of radiographs, and a thorough examination of the area involved. Results of the examination along with estimates of time, fees, and prognosis will be discussed. Please feel free to ask questions. We welcome your participation.

Patient Protection

Strict sterilization procedures are followed and adhered to for your safety and protection. Each room is thoroughly disinfected and all instruments sterilized between each patient. Plastic barriers are utilized as well. Safety goggles are used to protect your eyes from irritants or aerosol spray utilized during the procedure.

Patient Comfort

Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable treatment possible in a relaxing atmosphere. We offer headphones and overhead television for your entertainment, in addition to blankets and pillows for your comfort. Nitrous oxide gas is also provided (if desired) during your treatment.

Added Technology

Ellingsen Endodontics offers the latest in advanced technology, featuring the use of digital radiography and 3D Imaging systems. With the aid of these cutting edge tools you can be confident you will receive the highest quality of care with the objective of maintaining your oral health.

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